Psychometric Assessment Services

We offer Psychometric Assessment for both Recruitment & Selection and for Career Development Programmes.

We tend to favour the Saville Consulting Suite of Assessments, however we can access a wider range of options to suit your specific  needs.

Psychometric Testing offers a further layer of assessment of the candidate’s suitability, by identifying preferences, motives and potential against a range of competencies.   In development programmes, it offers an insight into areas of potential strengths and required development needs.

Bureau’s Talent360 Programme


When Bureau is given the opportunity to work with you on an Exclusive and Retained basis, Psychometric Assessment is included in our Talent360 for all shortlisted candidates. The Talent360 provides a comprehensive view of each candidate prior to interview, including  the candidate’s resume, our recommendations from the selection interview, the psychometric assessment profile and an initial reference check completed up front.

Independent Assessment


We also provide independent  assessment services, should you be recruiting internally, or via another recruitment consultancy who do not offer this service. 

Case Study

Home Solutions


We worked with a newly formed Executive Leadership Team who were interested in understanding their relative strengths and weaknesses, preferences and motivations as a team.  Using the Saville Consulting Wave Workstyles assessment as the basis for this programme, we facilitated individual and group feedback which assisted them to identify where they might excel as a team and where they might be challenged.


The next stage was to work with them as team, observing them in various forums such as their Leadership Team meetings and to provide feedback and coaching to enable their development.