Join the Bureau Team

How and what we earn

Well…we pay salary and bonus, BUT, each quarter you will have received EXACTLY 60% of what you have billed:

Bill $300K per annum / receive $180K. SIMPLE! 60%

See if you can find this anywhere else

The Bureau Lifestyle

It sounds like a cliché, but we have an adult culture here at Bureau. We are not about clock watching and our tools allow you to work in a very flexible way.

We want to ensure that people are able to have the balance and flexibility they need to have a successful career and life outside of work.

If you’re performing in your role, the worlds your oyster!


Our Tools 

In order to support our culture and flexibility we have the tools to help you.

You can work anywhere any time!

We also have some cool mini’s so you don’t need to stress about parking and how to get and from clients and candidates. We want you to be able to meet people where it suits them!

We also have stuff that really rewards our candiates. Clients get the best “product” in everyday use, in the market.

It seems to be working…



Cool stuff we give to clients and candidates

We’ve done a whole lot of research into the market about what clients and candidates want! And we listened.

We have designed tools for our clients and candidates that are second to none.

You’ll love the fact that you will have leading edge professional tools to support you to succeed.




If you’re interetsed in finding out more about joining the team at Bureau, get in touch now with

George Brooks 021 727 505 or [email protected]