Kieran McLean

Jumping into the world of work straight from school, into the IT sector at Data Bank (if anyone out there remembers that company)! I then stayed in some pretty dodgy low rent accommodation across Asia for 12 months and spent four years away.

Returning to NZ I then got my BA in English and Economics, tried teaching but realised it wasn’t my cup of tea and thought lawn mowing was where I would find my nirvana – unsurprisingly after 3 months I realised this was not a path to enlightenment. Rescued from this by my wife getting a role in the UK where I stayed at home with our new born for 12 months. I entered finance and accounting recruitment in the UK – this was an exciting ride in the boom of the 90’s and after eight years we returned to NZ in 2003 and I have been recruiting Finance and Accounting in Auckland since.

If not out cycling in my MAMIL outfit and getting dropped on the hills, I can be found attempting some outdoor pursuit of one form or another.

Having been recruiting in the finance and accounting area for the last 15 years, in both permament and contract roles, I am well versed in the Auckland market.  Bureau has been an exciting start-up experience to be a part of and we continue to go from strength to strength.

Accounting & Finance and Senior Executive

Here are a few examples of positions I have filled recently:

Chief Executive Officer –  Technology Start Up

Chief Financial Officer –  ICT Services Business

Group Financial Controller  – NZX Listed Services Business

Bid Capability Manager – Project Management Consultancy

Project Accountant – NZX Listed Manufacturer

Financial Controller – SME

Finance Manager  – Project Management Consultancy

Chief Financial Officer – Retail

Get in touch with me

d: 09 216 2422
m: 021 339 144
s: [email protected](skype)