Jess Win

After being in the financial services industry specialising in Retail Banking for 9 years I decided to cut my teeth in hospitality by setting up two Mexican restaurants, which I still currently own. While I learnt to role a bien chingones burrito, make perfect guacamole as well as have a lot of fun along the way it didn’t provide the longer term relationship building piece I was missing.

Joining Bureau has given me a chance to get back into what I love which is building long lasting relationships, getting to know what makes people tick and make a difference in clients and candidates lives.

I love the way Bureau operates and the values it holds itself to by partnering with businesses to find the people that will help with growth and development of their business while supporting job seekers to find their next job that will be fulfilling and will align with their career goals. I specialise in recruiting in the financial services industry mainly working with mid-tier Chartered Accountant firms.

Outside of the office I enjoy any guitar heavy music to jam to, cooking (although not always successfully!) and hanging out with my husband and two young kids while trying to keep up with their love of Pokémon and arcade games.

Financial Services – Chartered Accounting

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m: 027 699 9494
s: [email protected](skype)